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Are You Asking God for Healing?

5 July 2017Glorious Way Church

During the time that Jesus was on the earth, the gospels record 19 healing miracles. Of those 19 recorded miracles, 14 of them mention the faith of the person who was healed. While having faith in Jesus isn’t a prerequisite for a miracle, it IS a prerequisite to pleasing God and an active ingredient in our health and healing.

Let the leper in Matthew 5-7 inspire you. As Jesus was coming down the mountain, where he had just delivered the Sermon on the Mount, a leper approached him and worshiped him saying, “Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.” The Bible tells us that Jesus reached out his hand, touched the leper, and said, “I will. You are clean.”

This short account tells us volumes about the faith of this now former leper. Lepers of that day were viewed as the most unclean of all persons among the Jews and feared by gentiles because of their disease. No one wanted them around. They were so reviled that they were confined in colonies outside of the city and stoned to death if they dared to leave.

But this man, filled with faith, dared the impossible, risked death, and entered a crowd to approach the Messiah. His story lays out a pattern for anyone trusting God for a miracle today.

First and foremost, he had to get close to Jesus. It’s what we need, too. Be purposeful in spending time with the Lord, growing close to Him through prayer and the reading of His Word.

Second, he worshiped Him. You know that leper had to have had one thing on his mind. Find the Messiah and ask for healing. But the Bible tells us that as he approached Jesus, he worshiped Him. Oh, that we would have the same heart of worship when we approach the throne of heaven.

Next, he spoke a word of faith. He said, “Lord if you will, you CAN make me clean.” He believed it, and he spoke it aloud. He didn’t ask God to give him peace through his affliction. He didn’t ask God for grace for those who had shunned him. He believed Jesus for something that man would say was impossible: 100% total healing… but only if Jesus was willing. Of course, Jesus was willing. And He’s willing today.

And lastly, he testified of the goodness of God. When he received his miracle of healing, he stood before the priests and testified that Jesus was a healer.

The desperation of this man, and his radical faith, strike such a chord with people today. Maybe you can relate. The healing you need can be physical, emotional, or even spiritual, but take heart that Jesus is your healer. Stir your faith in Him today and be made whole.

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