let not your heart be troubled
26 May 2017Glorious Way Church

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Jesus said, “Let NOT your heart be troubled.” Easier said than done, right? Even for a Word-of-Faith, spirit-filled, Holy Ghost believer! Sometimes life’s troubles seem to come at you in …

power of the tongue
18 April 2017Glorious Way Church

The Power of the Tongue

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue, the Bible says. Our words can delight the heart or devastate the mind. They can be instruments of peace and hope …

4 April 2017Glorious Way Church

From Burned Out to Rejuvenated in 4 steps

Have your obligations and responsibilities hijacked your peace? In the era of multitasking, we can become so overloaded with demands that we lose sight of God’s leading. Here’s the good …

29 March 2017Glorious Way Church

God Wants You Healed (How to cooperate with Him)

All Christians believe that Jesus’s blood bought our salvation, but did you also know it bought our healing? The gospels record 27 healing miracles of Jesus. Acts 10:38 says that Jesus “went …

21 March 2017Glorious Way Church

Be Thankful, Praise Breaks Chains

One of the most inspiring stories of the New Testament happens in the darkest place: literally a Turkish prison. Persecuted for their faith, Paul and Silas were beaten and bound there in stocks and chains. …

8 March 2017Glorious Way Church

Let Jesus Build You

It’s no coincidence that Jesus is a carpenter. He knows how to build a solid structure, and you are his main project. Isn’t it great to know that you have been built by the …

the second coming and Israel
8 February 2017Glorious Way Church

America, Israel and the Second Coming

In Luke 21, Jesus lays out some signs that will point the way to the second coming. He mentions some fearful events, like earthquakes, conflict and war. Then He says …