let not your heart be troubled

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

26 May 2017Glorious Way Church

Jesus said, “Let NOT your heart be troubled.” Easier said than done, right? Even for a Word-of-Faith, spirit-filled, Holy Ghost believer! Sometimes life’s troubles seem to come at you in waves, and just when it feels like you might catch your breath, you’re hit by another wave.

So how do we follow Jesus’ command to “not let our hearts be troubled,” especially when no one else is around to encourage us? My friend, that’s the time to dig deep and encourage yourself. We can look to the Psalms David wrote and follow his example. Whether he lost in battle or in love, even when his own life was on the line, this man knew how to encourage himself. We can learn a lot from him.

Here’s an account that always sticks with me: King Saul, who had once really loved David, became enraged with jealousy of him. The man with all the power now wanted David, a shepherd servant, dead. David, now alone and hiding in a cave, began a prayer in Psalm 142, “No one acknowledges me. No one cares for my soul.” Loneliness and emptiness surrounded him, but as his prayer progresses, you can see him turn it completely around. By the end of his prayer, David victoriously declares: “The righteous shall surround me for you shall deal bountifully with me!” It’s the exact opposite of the loneliness he starting with. And his prayer was fulfilled to a tee when all Israel united around him and he became King. As it turned out, the loneliness had been just a lie of the enemy, a fleeting circumstance.

Are you in a cave? Step into the light and encourage yourself. When it seems no one cares, that’s the time to recharge your faith in God, just as David did in Psalm 86 when he said, “You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.” Pray and visualize God’s abounding love and His faithfulness to His Word. Remember the trial is a temporary circumstance, and ask for God’s strategy to guide you through it. Then you can pursue, overtake, and recover all you have lost and stand as a witness yet again that God has dealt bountifully with you.

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