power of the tongue

The Power of the Tongue

18 April 2017Glorious Way Church

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue, the Bible says. Our words can delight the heart or devastate the mind. They can be instruments of peace and hope or chaos and destruction. We can wield our words as weapons or whisper them like salve over deep wounds.

We all know the power of our words. So if you want to change your world, change your words.

Do you ever wake up feeling under the weather and say, “Boy, I am sicker than a dog… This headache is killing me.” Studies have shown that people who complain about their symptoms actually stay sicker for longer than people with the same symptoms who don’t complain.

It just confirms what the Bible says, “Let the weak SAY I am strong.” God’s not telling us to lie, just to focus on the higher truth. “Whoever SAYS to the mountain, be removed… he has whatever he SAYS.” Complaining focuses on the problem. Speaking the higher truth focuses on God’s promises.

God DOES want us to be healthy. He DOES want us to prosper and thrive. It works not just with your health, but with your family, your career… everything. Speak God’s promises instead of your problems, and you’ll bring his reality into your life.

Imagine, we, as believers, have the power to speak life, hope, and encouragement over others and ourselves. Let us use this beautiful gift and receive the full blessing of the Lord.