Class Schedule

  • Sunday,10:00AM: Jr. Highers sit with their parents or with friends in the designated youth section on the left side of the main sanctuary. Midway through the service, they’re dismissed via the overhead video system to Room 101 (in main lobby). After church, they’re released to find their parents.
  • Sunday, 6:30 PM: Jr. High joins Sr. High for Altitude. Student-led music, strong Bible message, games, food, fun.
  • Wednesday, 7:30 PM: Students participate in the main service. Like on Sunday morning, they may sit with parents or in the youth section located one section from the far left of the sanctuary as you enter.

Join us every Sunday night at 6:30 for Altitude (Room 302). Full blown worship with a live, student-led band. Ministry here runs the gamut from the very spiritual to the very practical, and students get a chance to hear from God for themselves. With the right tools, they’re encouraged to spread their spiritual wings and minister to each other. With games, food and a blend of big personalities, they also have way too much fun.

What we do: Warning: deep stuff to follow. We exist to:

  • Encourage students to genuinely strive for God by teaching the truth of His Word and the demonstration of the Holy Ghost.
  • Assist young people in the discovery of God’s plan for their lives.
  • Illustrate abundant life in Jesus Christ.
  • Develop gifts and talents among teens by encouraging participation in the ministry.

Who’s commanding the flight? Altitude Exec Director Selena Greiner, heads up a team of hardcore parent ministers, all gifted in their own right. Some college aged mentors serve the group as Student Leaders after completing an interview process.