Beefy spirit food for kids, these classes lead kids into a worship experience with Jesus, then add games, object lessons and on-message videos. Led by our vibrant GWKids team, it’s a recipe for fun– and a great place for kids to discover more about God.

  • Class Schedule
    • Sunday. 10:00 AM & 6:30 PM: Room 520 (blue room).
    • Wednesday, 7:30 PM: Room 520 (blue room). All elementary children sit with their parents for the first part of the service, until they are released with a dismissal cue on screen.
  • Before Class

GWC is equipped with an outdoor playground for kids ages 5-12 to use before and after class. Of course, you’ll need to supervise them during this time. The outdoor playground is located on the North lawn.”

  • Check-in

We begin accepting children 10 minutes before church begins. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign the child in with the first and last name of both the parent and child.
  • Pick up a round token with a number on it, and make a note of the number on our register.
  • Keep the token in a handy place. (If your child needs you during the service, we may display the number on the sanctuary monitor. Also, you’ll turn it back in when you pick up your child.)
  • Check-out
    • Please arrive within 10 minutes of the closing of the main service.
    • Present your token to the attendant.
    • Pick up your child.
  • Promotion
    Children promote to  Altitude on Promotion Sunday during the summer before they begin 6th Grade. Incoming 6th graders have dual citizenship until the next school year begins. They may participate in both G-force events and Altitude services and events.