At an age when children are learning to use their physical legs, we take this opportunity to establish their spiritual legs. This class takes the natural curiosity of a toddler and directs it toward the things of God while granting time for praise and worship, snacks, age-appropriate videos, and important playtime with others.

A gate divides the room between infants and walkers, so each receive specialized attention.

Class Schedule

Sun AM: Room 304. Night Services: Room 306.

What To Bring

Please pack diapers (if needed), wipes, a change of clothes, and any necessary drinks all in a bag marked with your child’s name. If your toddler uses a pacifier, please attach it with a clip. Toys and blankets from home are best left out of class, since other children will likely share them, and we cannot disinfect them.


  • Sign the child in with the first and last name of both the parent and child.
  • Let the child walk through the door.
  • Pick up a round token with a number on it, and make a note of the number on our register.
  • Keep the token in a handy place. (If your child needs you during the service, we may display the number on the sanctuary monitor. Also, you’ll turn it back in when you pick up your child.)


  • Please arrive within 10 minutes of the closing of the main service.
  • Present your token to the attendant.
  • Pick up your child.
  • For the health of all our children, we do not admit children who have had a fever within 24 hours or have obvious symptoms of infection.
  • We serve snacks, so please advise teachers of any allergies.
  • Are you a parent who wishes to monitor the classroom? Please check in with a Service Supervisor and receive a guest badge. Otherwise, please remain outside when checking in or picking up your child. Thank you!