Don’t Settle

12 February 2019GWC

David, the ruddy, backwoods shepherd. The baby of the family. Maybe he wasn’t the tallest or handsomest of his brothers, but God saw his heart of worship and chose him to be King of Israel. Who would have known that before the royal prophecy was fulfilled, he would face a giant, a vendetta from King Saul, the murder of his friends, and a few marauding armies.

After such conflict against his calling, how comfortable he must have felt to finally be declared King of Judah. How vindicated. Sure, Judah only represented 2 of the 12 tribes of all Israel, but let’s just rest on our laurels a minute.

No! If you’re a believer in Jesus, God has called you to a high purpose. Jesus said, the works that I do, will you do also. God has anointed you with His Holy Spirit to help you accomplish this. We can surely all name a few things we’ve done for God, but if we’re honest, there’s so much more he can do in us and through us!

Thank God, David did not have to settle for a partial fulfillment of God’s promise. Though Abner, the commander of the late King Saul’s army, appointed a separate king over the remaining 10 tribes, David’s patience won out. After 7 years, Abner made peace with David, and David was crowned King over a united Israel. The favor of God on David’s life and on his reign caused the rest of the Kingdom to fall in line under him.

God has shown us that this year is one of fulfillment for us and for our church. Like David, let’s keep worshipping God and ruling diligently over what He has already given us, and expect our influence to grow. We’ll press in to God until we’ve received total fulfillment on His promises to us.