Honor the Graduates

2 May 2019Rachael Dziedzic

Rachael Dziedzic

  • 26.May.2019
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

On May 26, we will be publicly honoring and praying over our graduates. If you or your child is graduating from high school, college or trade school this season (or already did so in December), please let us know by May 15 so we can include them!

Complete the “2019 Graduates” form attached to the monthly bulletin or email rachael@gwc.cc with the following details.

  1. Full name of graduate.
  2. Graduating from (Name of Institution).
  3. Institution is: High school, 2-yr college, 4-yr college, trade school, other.
  4. Future plans?
    1. Entering workforce? What field?
    2. Continued studies at (name of school)
    3. Majoring in?
  5. Parent(s)/grandparent(s) name AND/OR church member name.

Can’t be here on May 19? Please let us know. We still would like to pray over and honor you or your child.