Move on It

13 September 2018Pastor John Greiner

Welcome to living, breathing, ALIVE church! Our goal is always to light up your faith so that it’s active and moving— and fruitful.

Recently, we studied the Mark 2 miracle of the paralytic with the four crazy friends— the ones who broke a hole in the roof to present the man to Jesus for healing. All five men had more than just a quiet hope deep inside. Their faith produced outward action and activity. Faith itself is invisible, but the results are seen by all. Jesus saw their faith. Then, when Jesus said, Rise, take up your bed and walk, the man had another chance to show his faith. He responded with action, not just with reasoning inside his head. The impossible became possible, and the man walked!

What are you praying for today? Ask the Lord to show you a way you can act your faith so your prayer can come alive. James 2:14 in the Weymouth translations says that faith without corresponding action is dead.

My grandchildren used to watch VeggieTales when they were younger. Remember the song Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything? Don’t let your faith just stay at home and lie around. Maybe it’s frozen from fear or indecision. Maybe it’s from being too embarrassed. Whatever the problem, don’t let it kill your faith! Rise up. Act your faith, and keep it moving.

So how do you act your faith?

Of course, the initial action is to speak what you believe. Talk about that problem from the perspective that God has already handled it for you. Say what the Word says about it. But beyond that, ask yourself, “How would I act if my prayer were answered? What would I do?” For the paralytic with a direct command from Jesus, he simply obeyed. His action consummated his healing. Reason would have told him, you can’t get up. You can’t pick up your bed. You can’t walk. So he didn’t reason. He just did it. Maybe it’s that simple for you. Just obey God’s voice over the voice of reason.

The bottom line is to act like the Bible is true. Praying for healing? Act healed.

Praying for financial provision? Find a way to be a giver, since blessed people have enough to be generous.

Praying for a healed relationship? Treat that person with the love of God without thinking of yourself.

In all of these cases, the devil will try to tell you that you’re faking it. No, this attack of the devil is fake. He’s the liar. Act like the overcomer, and your life will line up with the Word, the highest truth.

So keep your faith alive and kicking. Keep moving on the Word, and watch how God will work among us!

This article was compiled from a 3-part series by Pastor John Greiner titled, “The Action of Faith” beginning on Wednesday, 8/22/18.

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