Pray to Know

9 August 2018Claire Buntrock

As believers, we want our prayers to really change things— to fix what’s broken and restore what’s lost. Of course! Yet sometimes we overlook an important step: praying to know. Before we can be effective in changing the world, God wants us to change ourselves- to have his heart on the matter.

That’s why Paul prayed in Ephesians 1 that they eyes of your understanding would be enlightened, and that you would know these three things:

1. Your Calling.

There’s hope in your calling. God wants you to be filled with promise for the future, not with discouragement. To be busy about your unique purpose, not off track. When you know your calling, all your doing will begin to line up with it. You’ll have the faith to contend for your calling through the heat of any circumstance.

2. Your Inheritance.

When Jesus died, he left us glorious riches, both spiritual and physical. Legally, all of heaven’s knowledge and assets belong to His Church. That’s us! Why should we surrender any of them to the devil? The earth and all its fullness does not belong to the ungodly rich. It belongs to the Lord. When we really see ourselves as His heirs, we’ll quit saying I can’t and start saying I CAN.

3. His Limitless Power of Resurrection.

The day you got saved, you professed that Jesus rose from the dead. That’s a crazy thing to believe! Paul prayed further that we would see how that resurrection power touches everything in our lives– and how it lives and works through us. Now we’re positioned to act with His same authority over all the forces of death and hell. We’re called to make dead hearts alive to God. No circumstance is beyond His reach. Hopelessness has no place in the believer who knows His power.

Our God is limitless, and there’s always more of Him to know. Let’s keep pressing in on these things. Keep them as a priority before you pray about anything else, and God will seal your victory every time.

This article was compiled from a portion of Pastor Greiner’s 5-part series titled The Legacy of Prayer. Begin listening here.