Speaking With a Heart of Faith

10 January 2018Glorious Way Church

There’s a phrase for skeptics: Seeing is believing. For faith people, though, it’s the believing that comes first.

Hebrews 11 honors a list of faith heroes and shares their secret: they saw what no one else could see. It says they saw their promises from far off and were assured of them. Noah is a prime example. When God told him to build the ark, he hadn’t even seen rain before, much less a flood. Though boat building was beyond Noah’s human knowledge, his trust in God created a vision within him. That vision carried him through 100 years of toil to build a mammoth ship all while enduring the ridicule and misunderstanding of others. Hebrews says he was a preacher of righteousness, yet his generation was not open to his message. His success came through trial. In the end, none of us would be here without him.

Noah spent 100 years walking out his faith, preparing to live beyond the flood that God was about to unleash on the world, all while onlookers and doubters came and went. Noah’s faith led to life for him and his family, while the doubts of others resulted in their ultimate judgment.

An unbelieving world can’t accept the things of faith because they can’t see them. Our choice to trust God allows Him to plant His supernatural vision inside us. That vision will then guide our words, for our mouth speaks from an overflow of our heart. In short, the more we trust, the more we speak from a place of faith. And the more we speak from a place of faith, the more faith we have.

Watch out, though. The flip side is also true: our doubt will grow if we give it a platform to speak. The more we entertain our doubts, the more space they take up in our minds, stirring up anxiety. Then when God calls us to act, we’ll be frozen in fear.

Don’t miss God’s wonderful plan! Jesus says that by faith, we can tell mountains to move, and they’ll be cast into the sea. (Mark 11:23) Jesus gave us the authority to change the landscape with our words. So check your life: is there a mountain walling you off from your promised land? Have you done everything to move it, yet it’s still there, blocking out the sun? All failure is a faith failure. The good news is: you can increase your faith!

The disciples had a faith problem too. Jesus had given them the authority using His name to cast out demons and to heal the sick, yet in Matthew 17 we read that when the disciples tried to cast a demon out of a boy, they failed. Their failure was a faith failure. Romans 10:17 says that faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word. As they heard the ministry of Jesus and watched his power work, their faith grew. As they preached the Word from their own mouth, their faith grew even more. Then, the next time Jesus sent them out for ministry, they returned to Jesus amazed that now even the demons obeyed them.

So take time to build your faith. Visualize it. Then speak to the mountain, and it will obey.

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