The Atmosphere for Miracles

4 March 2019GWC

Jesus is still doing miracles today, but wouldn’t we all like to see more of them? And bigger ones? For people we know?

Just like in the days of Jesus on earth, His miracle ministry flourishes when there’s an atmosphere of faith, but shrinks back when surrounded by doubt. Mark 6 tells us even in Jesus’ own home town of Nazareth, He “could there do no mighty work” because of their unbelief.

But there’s a remedy! Jesus didn’t give up on Nazareth. Instead, He began the villages in a circuit, teaching. They needed knowledge of the Word to dispel doubt and pave the way for a flow of God’s power. Notice the order here (parentheses added):

Matthew 4:23 says Jesus went about all Galilee, (1) teaching in their synagogues, (2) preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and (THEN) healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people

The Church is here to overcome doubt and darkness in our region by preaching and teaching the glorious light of the gospel! By doing this, we are opening up a flow of miracles in people’s lives here that will spread easily from person to person.

But you don’t have to wait for the whole region to change before you can create your own atmosphere for miracles. Here are some ways to keep God’s power growing in your life:

  1. Know that God’s plan includes health, prosperity and peace for every person. When you know God’s good plan, you’ll fight off the devil’s bad one with zeal and determination.
  2. Build faith. In yourself: receive teaching and preaching regularly as a cure for unbelief. Hearing the Word will maintain and grow your faith and hunger for the things of God. When praying for others, share a scripture first. One word of truth can open their hearts to receive from God.
  3. Remove unbelief. Before Jesus raised Jairus’s daughter from the dead, he asked the mourners to leave the room. He knew they couldn’t see what God wanted to do, and that they would be a hinderance. Sometimes we need to temporarily clear your space of people with low expectations so you can focus on God’s much higher ones. Then those doubters will get to see the final results when the miracle is complete.
  4. Greatly desire spiritual things. In the Book of Acts, we see that the early church experienced many miracles. And big ones: multitudes born again on the Day of Pentecost; the lame man healed at the Gate Beautiful; Peter’s angelic prison break. The list goes on, yet in Acts 4:39, they kept praying sincerely for more signs and wonders. No matter what level we have achieved, don’t be satisfied! We will receive those things we most earnestly desire and pray for.

Keeping these items in mind will help set us up for a front-row display of God’s miracle-working power in our lives and for the people all around us.

This message was adapted from a message also titled The Atmosphere for Miracles by Pastor John Greiner. Listen here.