The Power of Legacy

29 April 2018Claire Buntrock

The Red Sea parting remains one of the most victorious moments in history. Overnight, 400 years of Hebrew slavery reversed into glorious freedom. They came out with silver and gold and there “was none feeble among their tribe.” Unforgettable, right?

Wrong. Sadly, in the wilderness, most of them forgot God’s wonders and began to doubt His plan. It’s easy to do when things aren’t going our way, but the consequences are too devastating to ignore. All but 2 of the original Hebrew slaves died in the desert never having set foot in the promised land.

Those two survivors, though (Joshua and Caleb), went on to lead the next generation of Jews into that land flowing with milk and honey. As eyewitnesses, they carried the legacy of God’s wonders in Egypt and built on it. These wanderers with no military training went on to see wonders like the fall of mighty Jericho, the parting of the Jordan and victories in battle.

We, too, have great leaders of faith who stand as elders in our generation. As eye-witnesses, God has charged them to share with us the miracles they’ve seen and heard. These testimonies won’t create new faith in us since faith grows by hearing the Word, but they will stimulate inactive faith– challenging us to trust God for a new crop of miracles. Remember, Jesus called us to greater works.

Recently during morning services, we’ve been looking over our Glorious Way legacy. (You can start listening here if you’ve missed it.) This year marks my dad’s 30th year in ordained ministry and also his and my mom’s 50th wedding anniversary. As a church, we’ve witnessed:

  • Miracles of provision, God pouring out jaw-dropping abundance to supply and surpass our needs when all else failed.
  • Miracles of favor, God connecting us just with the right people at the right time to accomplish His mission.
  • Miracles of healing, signs, and wonders, God coming through to do what no man could do.

Zooming out a little, we will also be growing from the legacy of other faith leaders. In the past, Dad has interviewed Dr. Oral Roberts and Dr. T.L. Osborn. Now, he’ll be interviewing Dr. Lonnie Rex (May 6) and apostle to Haiti, Rev. Max Manning (July 15).

The legacy of these men is ours to build upon– if we don’t forget! Let’s challenge our faith to fulfill our own great calling with the constant help of our limitless God.

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